About Us

Authentic Aromatherapy, was established in 2019 in Bodrum, Turkey to serve as a local brand for the Spa.

With the widespread use of natural ingredients for cosmetics, products we become preferred products in the Spa-world. 

For the Boutique Spa’s we have in addition to the Massage & Body oil series. These are with a unique formula obtained by using only 100% natural, pure essential and fixed oils. It also highlights the Traditional Turkish Bath, which is a part of our culture.

Merve Tulunay

Spa Consultant and Aromatherapy Expert as a boutique business owner

A passionate and driven entrepreneur

“After many years of training and experinces.”

“I founded the Authentic Aromatherapy brand by focusing on my own oil formulas.”


Each oil is meticulously examined by our highly trained experts in accordance with quality testing procedures. They are approved by analysis and MSDS documents.

It is said that natural substances protect their chemistry after processing.

We use natural substances!

  • Fixed / Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Hydrosols

Synthetic substances:
These are substances that are completely synthesized in the laboratory environment. Essences, preservatives, silicone and paraben.

‘We have not used synthetic materials in our blends.’

‘Discover our essential oil blends !.